CritiCall Practice Session 2

Headset and keyboard

ATCEMS Recruiting is hosting virtual CritiCall practice test sessions for current and future Cadet - Communications applicants! To participate you will need a laptop/computer with a keyboard and audio/video capability, a photo ID, and an internet/wifi connection. You must also have a compatible browser (latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox are all compatible). Sessions will be hosted on the Microsoft Teams platform. 


We'll be using actual CritiCall tests for these practice sessions so if you receive a passing score during a practice test, you may apply that passing score to your current application. (Test scores are only valid with our agency and may not be applied to future hiring processes.)


These practice sessions are open to anyone--if you are a current applicant it's a great opportunity to get the jitters out before test day (or to get testing over with quickly by earning a passing score!); or if you're not ready to apply just yet but want to learn more about CritiCall testing, this is a perfect opportunity to take a full test and better understand how it works. After registering you'll receive two separate emails: 1) the Microsoft Teams invitation for the practice test session, and 2) an email with your test code which will be used during our scheduled practice session. All practice sessions will be proctored by ATCEMS Recruiting staff. 


REGISTER HERE for the August 5 session at 10 a.m. CST